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Smart solutions for a Smarter Middle East…

Company Introduction

Nour Smart Solutions is an innovative smart solutions provider and a subsidiary of Nour Net ISP based in Kingdom Saudi Arabia  . Nour Smart Solutions focuses on solving real world problems better and faster than any other alternative in the market, Nour smart solution focuses on offering  creative smart solutions which can optimize the cost and increase the efficiency tremendously in the business environment.

Nour Smart Solutions manages multiple divisions each with a dedicated portfolio of innovative solutions which service a specific industry. Such as but no limited to DAS as indoor solutions , indoor small cells, smart Wi-Fi networks, Smart RFID solutions , RTLS , integrated smart security solutions and IOT solutions.

Nour Smart solutions helps its customer delivering turnkey cost effective smart solutions on project basis, and we offer our solutions as service so our customers  can avoid the financial, technology and market risks associated with upfront investment in specific solution, and they can reduce capital expenditures and accelerate time to revenue with lower initial cost.

Our Vision

Nour Smart Solutions  vision is  to grow regionally in the wireless smart solutions business and focuses more on offering  the fast growing IOT technology , and offers variety of IOT applications developed and customized internally to meet all types of business needs. Nour Samrt solutions is well positioned to be the leading regional company when it comes to complex smart solutions.

Mission Statement

At Nour Smart Solutions, we are committed to offering the best fit turnkey smart solution to your business. We strive to understand and meet your needs using high-quality, high-value products, with solutions that exceed your expectations.

Corporate Success Factors