Nour Smart Solutions   provides the IPTV as service under OTT platform.

Nour Smart Solutions IPTV is based on fs|cdn™ anywhere platform which allows the delivery of content, live and on demand, in both managed, i.e. IPTV via STBs, as well as un-managed networks to tablets, mobile/smart phones and OTT STBs.

With the introduction of fs|cdn™ anywhere the end user will be able to watch video content while a set of end user activities such as EPG viewing, Chatting or using social media, may be operating on their preferred device, like smartphones and/or tablets.

fs|cdn™ anywhere is offering unsurpassed ease of operation & maintenance, while the end user applications are offered in a number of customizable skins, giving unique personalization and branding opportunities. Moreover with fs|cdn™ anywhere Service providers are able to enrich their content services portfolio, to expand their offering and to attract new subscribers.

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