NSS RFID Solution

NSS RFID Solution

There are several key objectives that are driving enterprise desire to deploy an RFID enabled tracking solution.  These objectives for the solution include:

1-The ability to track goods as they pass through selected warehouse.

2-The ability to have real time visibility into customer shipments/inventory levels, and other operational metrics.

3-Increase their internal knowledge of how RFID can be used to increase operational processes

4-The guiding principles that are to be followed in the deployment of the solution include:

  • Standards based passive EPC Class 1 Generation 2 solution
  • Full Manageability, including remote device management;
  • Scalability to meet the growing needs of business;
  • Low impact to operations.
  • Capable of integrating with existing CCTV Systems.

The key components of NSS RFID  includes the following:

  • A fully scalable, customized, and configured RFID enabled Inventory, Asset & People Tracking Solution
  • System Integration with the CCTV System .
  • Optional sensors on the RFID network that can give all type of readings, such as temperature, counter, humidity and many other readings that can transfer the who environment to smart environment.
  • Installation and Configuration of all Hardware and Software.

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