Wifi RTLS systems

Wifi RTLS systems

NSS offers to its customer the RaGaPa solution offerd by our partner Ruckus and since our partner is indeed  A the leader in public access WiFi network infrastructure, and  has always delivered thevbest connectivity, easiest management and highest scalability. With RaGaPa and SPoT, Ruckus is

adding a complete customer engagement and monetization platform.  Many WiFi solutions provide customizable captive portals that can offer promotional or advertising messages, but that is just a single touchpoint that most end-users quickly skip past to get online. RaGaPa is a pioneer in In-Browser Content Insertion Technology that enables venues to successfully insert venue specific promoted content/advertisements on any of the HTTP webpages a user visits during their entire in-venue session. RaGaPa can offer the following:

  • Geographical Location
  • Mac Address/Cookie Tracking
  • User Agent
  • User Browser
  • Destination URL
  • Ad/Message Impressions
  • Ad/Message Clicks
  • User Activity with Time

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